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Struggling to be a loving, encouraging parent?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Wondering where to start in being a Positive Parent - how to put in place a framework that works for both you and the whole family?

In January 2022, I was interviewed by Diana Ballard from The Mom Training Podcast.

We talk about developing autonomy, using encouragement instead of praise, the 'why' of my choice to put Positive Discipline parenting in place in our home - self-respect through choices, and as Alfred Adler put it

"Never do for a child something they can do for themselves"..

We had a really honest chat - we are not perfect parents, we don't always have it together, because we are just doing the best that we can. I explained how I, as a parenting coach, work with expat families here in Paris to improve their parenting skills.

As Diana put it, "Practicing positive parenting techniques and communication takes time and effort, but it will help increase our connection, love and positive influence in our children's lives."

Want to have a listen? It's here:

Next Steps

  • If you'd like to know more about my Workshops, and about my signature offer - Parenting Club, then take a look here.

  • If you'd prefer working with me one-on-one, as your Positive Parenting Coach, then you can book a call with me here, or find out a bit more about how I work here.

  • If you'd just like my Top 10 parenting tips - you can get a copy by signing up for my newsletter

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