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The benefits of tailored parent coaching

When considering working with a trained parent coach like myself, it helps to understand what you, as a primary caregiver, as well as your children, will gain from coaching sessions. So this is what you can expect from working with me:

Benefits for the primary caregivers: 

  • You don’t need to figure out the parenting rollercoaster ride all on your own!

  • You will learn to better deal with parenting challenges, without the power struggles and crippling self-doubts.

  • You will receive encouragement, empathy, guidance, and direction. 

  • You won’t feel judged or criticised by me. I’m a mum of 3 kids myself - we are all doing the best that we can. 

  • You will feel heard and understood. I tune in to your specific concerns, frustrations, and needs.

  • You will gain confidence and will be empowered to use your inner wisdom to parent positively.

  • Together, we will create a framework that is tailored to you and your family. No two families, parents, or children are alike. This is why generic methods can’t be a perfect fit for all Through this personalised framework, you will be able to balance your own needs with those of your children.

  • You will claim time for YOU. Your wellbeing is as important to your family as it is to you! Positive Parenting is NOT about saying yes to everything your child asks for - it's about setting kind and firm boundaries, in a loving way. 

  • We naturally resist making change. It is hard for our brain to navigate its demands. So, I’m here to provide accountability - to help you make the changes you want to make.

We meet at a time that suits you, online. So you get to make the best use of your time, without the need for travelling to me. 

Benefits for the children*

  • Positive parenting is about building a child’s self-esteem while nurturing mutual respect.

  • Children will be provided with the tools (charts, routines, activities, discussions, etc.) to help them deal with difficulties, conflictual situations, and overwhelming emotions. Everything is tailored and age-appropriate.

  • Calmer, more confident parents will indirectly teach children how to master their emotions and feelings of self-worth.

  • Children will learn to trust that their primary caregivers are there to listen, comfort, guide, help, and love. 

  • They will gain in confidence and will develop a more secure bond with their primary caregivers.

  • Children will learn valuable social skills that will serve them for life.

  • They will become more autonomous and helpful. Contributing members of the household.

  • They will learn to appreciate a more harmonious and respectful family life. 

  • They will grow to be confident and compassionate. Able to balance their needs with those of others. 

* I work with you, as the parents/caregivers, not directly with the children. You then choose which of the tools I suggest you would like to implement in your family. ​

Ultimate benefits for the family unit: 

  • Harmony

  • Respect 

  • Inclusiveness

  • Meaningful communication

  • Sense of well-being

Sounds amazing, doesn't it.. 

If you'd like to grab some of those benefits, and change how YOU feel about parenting (who wouldn't, right?), then I'm here to help:

Not quite sure?
Why are parents sometimes hesitant to sign up?

The main queries that come up are: 

  1. “Do you align with my parenting values – what if we don’t meet eye to eye?” 
    I offer all potential clients a free 20-minute chat, during which we discuss my approach. Generally, when you contact me, you’ve already read some of my blog posts, had a look around my website, or perhaps attended one of my free parenting intro sessions. Of course, if you sign up for a package and find at the end of the first session that my style isn’t what you are looking for, then I will reimburse you the remainder of the fee. My aim is for you to feel comfortable while working with me. 

  2. “Will it really solve MY specific problems?” 
    That’s a great question. I am here to provide the feedback, guidance, tools, and expertise for a tailored solution. Your responsibility is to then work on implementing our chosen solution in a dedicated manner. I am available for additional sessions and guidance if you require it, once you’ve started on your journey.

  3. “Will it be effective? I’m willing to pay for peace of mind!” 
    Yes! By signing up for individual coaching sessions, you are effectively paying for individual, tailor-made sessions, designed to meet your needs. We work in partnership to ensure that you will be able to tackle whatever aspects of your parenting life require attention. If individual coaching sessions are not within your budget (€90 for a one-off 1-hour session, then reduced to €75 for ongoing sessions within a package), then you might like to find out more about Parenting Club – my signature group programme.

What do my clients have to say?
Below are testimonials written by clients following our parent coaching sessions:

Louise Malousi 

Laura's approach to parenting is extremely positive whilst remaining realistic and practical. I'm so grateful for her guidance and the generosity of her advice. She genuinely cares about improving parents' relationship with their children 🤗


Raneeza Favre 

I really valued my sessions with Laura for help with my 4yo and 2yo sons. The tips and advice given were always well thought out for the particular situation and there's a lot of little things I learned from Laura that have made a huge impact or difference in how we parent. I'm really glad to have started down the positive parenting path and that Laura could help me navigate the tricky parts. I hope to come back to some sessions with her again in the near future! Highly recommend if you're stuck in parenting and don't know what else to try :)


Tala Semaan 

I have had several meetings with Laura. She is great at helping me have the perfect tools to deal with any parenting challenges that I may have. I always end the call feeling empowered, like YES I can do this!!!


Grace Freeman 

Laura gives excellent advice on communicating with children of all ages, all in a non-judgemental and inclusive atmosphere.


Hilary Hawkins

Laura is great! She really helps you see things from a different perspective. She gave us ideas for small tweaks to our routine that made a huge difference. It’s so nice to know that there is someone who we can call for good, practical, gentle parenting advice.


Sophie Lazarski Nicoll

We contacted Laura because our youngest son’s behaviour was starting to be troubling at school. It was fairly classic four-year-old behaviour, but nothing we were doing to try to help him was working for him.


Within two sessions of working with Laura, we felt more empowered and knowledgeable about what was going on in our son’s world and how to support him, to be able to regulate his emotions and behaviours at school and at home.


Laura asks such pertinent questions to really get to the bottom of the issues you’re having. She includes such a lot of science and evidence-based studies behind each suggestion she made. It was so helpful for both me and my husband.


Our son can now use techniques Laura taught us to help ground himself, understand his emotions and channel them into behaviour that helps him rather than hinders him. We are happier and less stressed as a family and will definitely be calling on Laura again when we face challenging parenting moments in the future!

Click here for a client interview that discusses how parent coaching sessions impacted her family. 

Are you ready to work with me? 

Curious about how I can help YOUR family? The next step is simple - simply book a 20 minute call with me and we'll talk through the different options (you'll find details of pricing and packages if you hit the big red button!) 

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