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Positive Parenting Club

Discover the Positive Discipline Difference with Parenting Club


Parenting Club is a transformative 3-month programme rooted in the principles outlined in Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott's Positive Discipline books.

What you get

  • Live Workshops: Immerse yourself in 12 hours of live, interactive workshops, conducted in small groups (max 10 couples) over six thoughtfully spaced sessions.

  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from Three months of continuous support and exclusive access to a private community, providing a collaborative space to navigate the challenges of parenting.

  • Connection: Join a community of parents, recognizing that you're not alone in your parenting journey. Engage in a collective effort to foster positive changes within your family.

The benefits

  • Cultivate a calm, harmonious, respectful, and inclusive family home.

  • Bid farewell to nagging and yelling, discovering effective alternatives.*

  • Empower your children's autonomy and boost their self-confidence.

  • Foster loving family relationships built on respect and encouragement.

* And, because none of us is perfect, we also look at how to mend things with our kids when it does go wrong!


What happens in the workshops?

Learning: Over a series of six workshops, you will learn and discover many of the 52 Positive Discipline tools and delve into the underlying Adlerian psychology.

Practice:  Engage in experiential activities and role-plays to deepen your understanding and make informed choices in your family's unique context.

Sharing. Experience the joy of collaborative learning as participants share successes, struggles, and brainstorm solutions to specific family situations. Participants say that this ‘parents helping parents’ time is one of the highlights of the workshops.

Week by Week Overview

  1. The Positive Approach: Understanding kindness and firmness, managing child emotions, and modeling desired behaviour.

  2. A New Look at Misbehaviour: Uncovering the reasons behind misbehaviour and finding tailored solutions for your family.

  3. Focus on Solutions: Embracing alternatives to punishment, exploring logical consequences, and rethinking rewards.

  4. Building Sibling Relationships: Resolving conflicts and fostering positive interactions among siblings.

  5. Family Meetings: Establishing a framework to implement new tools.

  6. Follow-Through: Addressing challenges in sticking to agreements and planning the next steps in your parenting journey.


This course is for you if

- you seek connection with parents facing similar challenges, (it's great to realise you are not alone!) 

- you value a dynamic learning experience.

- you want a toolkit - a range of diverse solutions for your unique family.

- you aim to nurture autonomy, self-motivation and confidence in your children.

This course is NOT for you if
  1. You dislike role-plays, as this experiential approach involves hands-on practice and reflection.

  2. Your children are all under two, as certain tools, like family meetings, involve dialogue and brainstorming.



Here's what some parents had to say about when asked if they'd recommend the course to others:

  • "Yes, we learn tools to keep calm and how to control of our own behavior, so we don't get pulled into power struggles. We also learn how to support children in feeling they have control over their own lives"

  • "Absolutely, I can apply the skills to adults as well as children."

  • "I would definitely recommend doing the course with Laura, the PD content is great, and Laura brings it to life in a clear, practical, and fun way. It was a safe and non-judgmental space where we all shared and bonded, got answers and support and were able to offer that too."

  • "Yes I definitely recommend to another parent. I have to say I recommended to my husband too, despite me talking to him about different books and things I learn in positive discipline and similar approaches. I really think the class helps to have things fall in place in a more concrete meaningful way. I really think it helped me say “ok this is where I am and this is where my child is” and this accepting step is a huge asset in the relationship."


Want to know more? 

Embark on this transformative parenting journey with us to create lasting positive changes within your family.

Courses run in both daytime and evening. I am so excited to announce I'm running a special series from 20 February with Jo Mengaud - a Montessori trained teacher, Norland nanny, and therapeutical play specialist with twenty five years of experience in early years and education. The series will run on 6 Tuesday evenings starting from 20 February 2024, and there are only 10 spaces available, so grab your spot now! 



Not yet sure?

See what Noras has to say about Parenting Club in her testimonial: 

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