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About Parent Coaching

Want to know what a Positive Parenting Coach is and how they can help your family? 

Individual Parent coaching is for families who

  • lead busy lifestyles and can't commit to my 7 week group programme

  • are looking for individual, tailored responses to their parenting challenges

  • want to work with someone who will offer options and support them in choosing the solution that is right for their family. 

After an initial consultation, you will pick the topic for each of our sessions. We will explore the background issues, and what you have already tried. I will present you with a number of tools to handle the topic that is currently a challenge in your family (sleep, tantrums, big emotions, and getting your child to listen are topics that come up regularly!). I'll provide you with brain-based, heart led tools. My judgement free approach (we're all doing the best that we can) will help us build trust, essential for a good working relationship.

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As an expat family living in /around Paris, you may be far from your own family/friends. In addition to positive parent coaching, I support expat families in understanding the education and family set up here in France. I've been navigating the French school system for the last 10 years, and can help you with tools to adjust to change. 

About me! 

I'm here to encourage you..

Here are my parenting values - how do they resonate with yours? 

  • Support. My role, as a Positive Parenting Coach, is to bring out the best in your parenting abilities. I am here to champion and encourage you. I have every confidence in your ability to build a new, peaceful family life.  I promise mentorship, encouragement and wisdom as we journey together. 

Laura Atack, Positive Parenting Consultant
  • Partners. In our work together, I will model mutual respect -  for me, for you, for our coaching relationship. Sometimes we get it wrong - I am here to model that we can celebrate and learn from our mistakes - no judgement, no perfection. Just people doing the best that they can.  You are always in control - we work to help you choose the solutions that are right for your family. 

  • Integrity. Evidence based, tried and tested framework to support your family's transformation.  I first trained with the Positive Discipline Association in 2016 (I'm now a Parenting, Classroom and Early Childhood Educator).  Positive Discipline is a trauma-informed approach, deeply rooted in Adlerian Psychology. In 2021 I trained with Babybrains , and with the Co-Active Training Institute as a Life Coach. My style is influenced by these approaches, as well as the work of Bowlby, Siegel, Baumrind and others. 

  • Positive Parenting.  For me, positive parenting is about being both loving AND firm (setting limits respectfully). Our role is to parent from a place of warmth and connection, and use encouragement to bring about long-term change in our children's lives. This way, our children learn valuable social skills, and they grow to become autonomous, confident and compassionate people. They will be fiercely brave, balancing their own needs with that of the world around them. 

Brain-based, heart-led positive parenting coach, using encouragement to help you raise happy kids, without losing your sanity! 

Parent and child
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