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Help - how do I choose? So many amazing positive parenting books.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

This summer I have been reviewing a parenting book each week for my awesome parenting Community..

Here's one of the HUGE (maybe overwhelming) choice of books from Dr Jane Nelsen. I have to say I prefer this to the 0-3s book - I really enjoy how practical it is. It looks at those power struggles we often engage with with our toddlers (over sleep, potty training and food) and how we can avoid them.

I was super excited to discover the 4th edition has a whole new chapter on the benefits of the outdoors and play - I love that Jane never stops learning, even though she's in her 80s - she's always excited about new research and developments.

Did you know that, just as the Positive Discipline Series is based on the work of the psychologists Rudolf Dreikurs and Alfred Adler, the 'How to Talk' books are based on the work of the psychologist Haim Ginnott?

And they're also all based on the concept of 'kids do better when they feel better'.

I love that these books have an easy to read style, with cartoon illustrations (what not to do, and how to do it better).

I learnt about creating wish-lists, getting down on eye level and so many more ideas from these books.

Now here is one for your children. The wonderful, colourful illustrations in this book by Anna Llenas will help you start a conversation all about emotions with your children. The Colour Monster wakes up confused about how he's feeling. He goes on a journey to understand the different emotions and sort them out. We have the pop-up version and it is just stunning. Enjoy!

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