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No More Screaming - How Parent Coaching helped one parent enjoy time with their child again.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Ever wondered why parents book individual coaching sessions with me? Or what problems I help solve? Here is one client's take on it.

4 solid days of screaming..

"It felt like four straight days of screaming. Me at the boy (3 years old), the boy at me, the boy at his dad, his dad at the boy. Everyone was screaming and it was boiling over. I was scared we were actually damaging him. I knew at this point, this was a "me problem" rather than a Boy Problem. My other "me problem," was that I didn’t know how to fix it, to get us out of this dynamic where we were always mad at each other. I’d sworn to interrupt the intergenerational cycle of trauma. And I needed help doing it. So when I saw Laura’s comment on my unrelated Instagram post, I felt like I had seen water in the desert. I booked a session immediately.

What happened in the actual Coaching Session?

Laura went over with me what had been happening in the house, and we brainstormed some tweaks to our approach. I really appreciated the one on one time – we could get down to the heart of the matter and find solutions, some were tweaks to our language ("what do you need to do to be ready?" and When… Then...) Some were visual reminders for our child (like his visual schedule). Another was to designate specific items to throw when we are all angry (we like throwing things when we’re mad). We talked about the yes brain and the hand to show it.

What was the impact for you and your family?

This has helped me communicate in a meaningful way to my child when I’m pushed to snap. Importantly, after implementing Laura’s suggestions, things got better. We fought less. We loved more. I didn’t want to kill myself at the end of a parenting day anymore.

Will you book another session, or was it just a one-off?

As the children grow, and the phase of development shifts, I'm certain I will be talking to Laura again. I'm so thankful to have her in my tribe." -------------

Next Steps

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  • If you'd prefer working with me one-on-one, as your Positive Parenting Coach, then you can book a call with me here, or find out a bit more about how I work here.

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