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Discover Your Parenting Style: Take the Baumrind Parenting Styles Quiz

Curious about your parenting style? Just for fun, here's a simple quiz to determine your parenting style. It's based on Baumrind's parenting styles, which I'll explain below:

  1. How do you respond to your child's misbehaviour?

    1. I ignore it and hope it will go away

    2. I scold or punish them

    3. I explain to them why what they did was wrong and help them find a solution

  2. How do you make decisions for your child?

    1. I make decisions for them based on my own experiences and what I think is best

    2. I allow them to make decisions on their own, but I guide them when necessary

    3. I involve them in the decision-making process and consider their opinions and feelings

  3. How do you communicate with your child?

    1. I give them information, and expect them to do what I say

    2. I have open and honest discussions with them and encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings. I want them to follow their own way.

    3. I talk to them, but I also expect them to listen to me and follow the rules we agree together.

  4. How do you handle disagreements with your child?

    1. We listen to each others' perspectives and try to find a compromise

    2. I give in to avoid conflicts

    3. I become strict and enforce my rules

  5. How do you praise and encourage your child?

    1. I don't really believe in praising them - they get to figure out their own way of being.

    2. I praise them only for achievements and accomplishments

    3. I use encouragement, around their effort and progress, not just for their achievements

1: A=P, B=N, C=T

2: A= N, B=P, C=T

3: A=N, B=T, C=P

4: A=T, B=P, C=N

5: A=P, B=N, C=T

P - Permissive, N - Authoritarian, C=Authoritative

Baumrind's parenting styles refer to a classification system developed by psychologist Diana Baumrind in the 1960s to describe the different ways parents raise their children. Baumrind identified three main parenting styles:

  1. Authoritative: Authoritative parents set clear rules and expectations, but they also encourage independence and communication. They are supportive and nurturing, but they also maintain a firm and consistent hand in guiding their children.

  2. Authoritarian: Authoritarian parents are very strict and demanding, expecting obedience and respect from their children. They have high expectations and enforce rules rigidly, but they provide little warmth and responsiveness to their children.

  3. Permissive: Permissive parents are indulgent and make few demands on their children. They avoid setting limits and allow their children to make their own decisions, even if they may not be in the child's best interest. They are often warm and affectionate, but may have difficulty setting boundaries and establishing rules.

These parenting styles can have a significant impact on a child's development and behaviour, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your own parenting style can help you make informed decisions about how to raise your children and provide them with the support and guidance they need to thrive.

My parent coaching is based on Baumrind's Authoritative style. Want to chat about switching your parenting style? Book a coaching call with me today.

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