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Achieve the peaceful family life you have always dreamed of:


Empowering Parents to Raise Happy, Confident Children, without losing their sanity!

Become a confident, positive parent

Raise self-assured,

well-rounded children

Self-care, to help you be the best version of yourself

Stuck in a parenting rut? 

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As parents, we all want to raise happy and well-adjusted children, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to handle difficult behaviour. Whether it's dealing with tantrums, defiance, or just the general stress of parenthood, it's easy to lose your cool and resort to yelling or punishment.

Or maybe you resort to keeping peace by prioritising their needs over everything else. Which means your own needs get pushed aside and you end up losing yourself along the way..


This is NOT how you imagined yourself as a parent. 


You wanted a calm, warm, happy home. A loving bond with your children that grows stronger everyday.


But instead you feel overwhelmed. Worried that you are doing it all wrong. That you won’t manage to raise your kids to be the confident, kind, well-adjusted adults you hope for.

You're frustrated, drained - parenting isn't supposed to be this hard, right? 

woman observing

Your parenting instincts are spot on!

You are here because deep down you know there’s a better way to parent. You are right!

It’s just that these days most of us parent without support networks, away from “a village”. Without any guidance and feedback. So we learn by trial and error and do the best we can.

But you don’t have to figure it out on your own! At Encouraging Parents, we believe in the power of positive parenting. We know that children thrive when they feel loved, supported, and respected, and we want to help you create that kind of environment in your home.


In case you are new to it, positive parenting is about building a child’s self-esteem while nurturing mutual respect. It combines kindness and firmness - setting appropriate limits.  

positive parenting family

The result? Children learn valuable social skills that serve them for life. They grow to be confident and compassionate. Able to balance their needs with those of others.

But the benefits are not just for the distant future. This approach can help you NOW to better deal with parenting challenges, without the power struggles and crippling self-doubts. To balance your OWN needs with those of your children and claim time for YOU and your wellbeing.

How I help..

Positive Parenting Group workshops in Paris


Online & in person


Online and in person

Individual parent coaching in Paris

Customised Support

Online and in person

Group Parenting workshops in companies in Paris

Parent/employee engagement

Parent/ employee engagement

Online and in person

Online and in person

I'm Laura, Positive Parenting coach, and I'm here to help.  On this website, you'll find practical tips and strategies for managing difficult behaviour, as well as information on emotional regulation for both parents and children. 

I've spent years learning positive parenting techniques, reading the books, attending the webinars, and doing the research, so that you can quickly benefit from the best parenting tools. 

I am here to support you in your parenting journey, in three main ways: 

So how can you get there? 

Parent coaching is the next best thing after the “village”. It’s like having a trusted guide, that knows the way, giving you the encouragement you need to navigate a new terrain. I am here to support you in your parenting journey. Of course this is not a cookie-cutter approach because every family is different.  Here’s how you can work with me.. 

parent and child


Get in touch and schedule a 20 minute call at a time that suits you, to find out more about my approach and see if we'd enjoy working with each other. It's free of charge, of course. 


If we're a good fit, we'll discuss your needs in depth, and decide which one of my packages best suits your goals. 


You receive the support, tools and guidance to start doing things differently. You get to enjoy our sessions together - we'll laugh, share, and evoke transformation. You are no longer alone! You get to build the family life you've always dreamed of. 

Trusted by...

Some of my Clients, Partnerships and Credentials

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Réseau des Parents - Parenting Support Network
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Why work with me?

There are lots of parenting programmes out there - why choose me to be your Positive Parenting Coach?

  • Support. You get the support you deserve. I’ll champion and encourage you with compassion and grace, as you build a new, peaceful family life. 

  • Integrity. You get guidance with integrity. As a brain science-based and heart-led parenting coach I follow a tried and tested framework, rooted in Adlerian psychology, to support your family's transformation. 

  • Partners. You get treated as a partner. Which means in a respectful, non-judgemental and sensitive way. You are always in control as we work together to help you do what’s right for your own circumstances.

Laura, positive parenting and life coach in Paris

Laura Atack

Positive parenting coach

Kind words by clients

Laura's workshop gave us the tools and community we needed. She helped us create a calmer, mindful and positive balance as a family.

“Imagine you now have the tools to create an environment in which harmony, inclusiveness and respect are lived day in and day out?”

Nina Beelitz

“Laura’s warm and friendly approach, coupled with her expert knowledge and experience guided me through some difficult situations”

Dharsh Pillay Colas

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