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Salesforce France

Since 2020

Salesforce France

In 2024, I am again working with Salesforce, running a series of themed parenting workshops for their staff funded by their CSE (Comité social et économique).

In 2020, the topics we covered were: Handling Emotions, Parenting in a pandemic, Parenting teenagers, Siblings, 0 - 4 years - tools for parents of pre-schoolers and Avoiding punishment - what, why and how?

"Laura came to Salesforce to do an introductory session to Positive Discipline which was a new concept to the majority of parents. The introduction was so successful that we brought her back to do a series of workshops to explore further themes. Then Covid-19 happened and Laura quickly adapted her workshops to the new way of working. In such an unprecedented time, our parents were extra grateful to have this opportunity to learn new parenting tools to help improve their family life and the feedback was fantastic. I highly recommend booking her parenting workshops either on a personal or professional level."

Victoria Conon Wong

The Language Club


The Language Club logo

My team and I did a teacher training with Laura, focused on how to intrinsically motivate and connect with our students to encourage them to WANT to learn English, avoiding those sparkly sticker prizes and tally marks! Laura provided lots of healthy approaches on how to handle behavior positively in our small group English lessons with a deeper understanding of child development and psychology. I know each member of The Language Club team walked away with several new classroom management strategies and plenty of food for thought on how we can better meet the emotional needs of our students while achieving our goals of a safe, positive, and encouraging learning space. Thank you Laura!


Since 2020

Reseau des parents logo

I have been working with the Réseau des Parents since the beginning of 2020. I originally ran a series of Positive Discipline workshops for them. Since 2023, I have also run themed workshops on themes as diverse as Work/life balance, Bullying Prevention, Tantrums, Managing Big Emotions

"J’ai participé à l’atelier Discipline Positive. J’ai trouvé l’organisation très bien. C’est absolument formidable que soient proposées de telles formations dans le cadre du Réseau des Parents. Merci beaucoup !"


"Je tenais à vous faire un retour d'expérience sur la Discipline Positive avec Laura Atack. Super expérience, j'ai appris plein de choses théoriques et pratiques qui ont changé ma vie de famille. J'aimerais savoir s'il y aura une nouvelle session car mon mari aimerait faire cette formation. "

Smiles'n Kids - Bilingual Montessori Preschool

December 2022

Smiles n Kids school logo

"Laura led a Positive Parenting workshop in our school early December 2022. It was a fantastic session : both engaging and pragmatic. The participants had concrete tools to implement right away at home. By far the best parenting workshop I have ever attended. Thank you Laura !"

École Montessori Bilingue, Presles

May 2022

Presles logo

I led a 2 hour interactive parenting workshop for the bilingual Montessori school of Presles in May 2022.  Parents enjoyed the workshop, which looked at the links between Positive Discipline and Maria Montessori, as well as giving them tools to improve co-operation and motivation from their children. 

We Love Momes - Versailles

Feb-May 2022

We love Momes logo

I worked with We Love Mômes Montessori school from February to May 2022 - training the team in Positive Discipline for Early Years and then observing in the classroom/providing additional support on a fortnightly basis. It was always a pleasure for me to come to the school and observe the interactions between children and adults, to meet with a team who were highly motivated to learn and grow, and to be able to bring some extra tools that can support the whole school in social and emotional learning. 

Munira - Neurobics Kids


Neurobics Kids logo

I've been partnering with Neurobics Kids since mid 2021. We offer monthly joint workshops on themes such as Sleep, Emotions, Tantrums, and Listening. 

"In a nutshell, I think you two are amazing and have a lot of wisdom to impart." 

Rise International School


Rise International School logo

Workshops on Teens - understanding how the brain changes in adolescence.
"Interesting workshop - thank you!"
Key take-ways? "That I am not alone. That there are ways that I can communicate better" "take time to imagine my teen's best characteristics and how I can cultivate them to support her becoming the best version of herself. Don't let the problem behaviors make me forget this vision."

Pachamama London


Pachamama logo

Pachamama supports modern mothers, hosting online events and courses for new and expecting parents.

"Laura and I collaborated to bring her positive parenting advice to the Pachamama community. Laura was so knowledgeable and was able to deliver information to our parents in a really practical way. We had such good feedback from the first session, that we decided to host another workshop in November."

Mouvement Mondial des Mères


Make Mothers Matter logo

In 2019: An evening dinner and conference with 50 participants, with tools for being a kind AND firm parent.

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