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What EXACTLY happens in your workshops Laura?

I get asked this question A LOT! So I made some videos to try to give you a flavour of them!

In the parenting programme, we meet for 14 hours, spread over anything from 2 days to 7 weekly sessions. 7 sessions is the most usual format (especially as anything longer than that is hard work on Zoom), so this video break it down that way.

Each time, we have a warm up/ice-breaker activity, and talk about our reading homework (generally, one person gives us a summary). I use the Positive Discipline book by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott to structure the programme.

There's always some teaching time, and several role-play activities. We can sometimes feel a bit silly role-playing a child (or a cross parent!) but it helps you to better understand how the child is feeling, what they are thinking, and what they are deciding (about their parent, or what they want to do). And once you understand that, it helps to bring about transformation in your parenting style.

Each session also includes a 'parents helping parents' - one parent explains a recurring problematic situation in their family, and once we've tried to work out what the mistaken goal is, we role-play and then brainstorm solutions. The parent goes home with all the solutions, and comes back next week to tell us which one(s) they've put in place, and how it went.

Anyway, enough of the writing - here are the videos! (an overview, and then week by week)


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